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Only A Bone Marrow Transplant Is A Key To Help M Satish!

Merugupala Satish is a 32 years old man who has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.Patient’s family got...



Support Needed

₹3500000 funds needed

Help Abhishek Fight Thalassemia!

Abhishek Dubey is a 8 years old boy diagnosed with Thalassemia Major. Family came to know about the conditions 6 mont...



Support Needed

₹2500000 funds needed

Support Shimul with his battle against Lymphoma!

Shimul Rahman is a 23 years old woman who has been diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.patient’s family g...



Support Needed

₹3500800 funds needed

A liver transplant can help Ramdev survive!

Ramdev Raheja is a 60 years old man who has been diagnosed with NAFLD CLD decompensated with Ascites ,Jaundice,HPS.Pa...



Support Needed

₹2065000 funds needed

Our Core Programs

Contributing towards #HealthyIndiaHappyIndia

Primary Healthcare

Strive to provide healthcare facilities through Care On Wheels (C.O.W) to the underserved communities

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Menstrual Hygiene

Endeavour to bridge the gap between young girl child and menstrual hygiene management (MHM) facilities.

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Curative Care

Aids medically-critical individuals via surgeries, treatments and therapies to save lives and repute of families

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Enabling the youth through upskilling, to increase productivity, employabilty and earn their livelihood.

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Securing the environment’s health today by building eco-green farms, to have a healthier life care tomorrow

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Humanitarian Relief

Assistance to support affected communities during natural disasters, calamities and emergencies

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