About Us

Impact Guru Foundation was founded in 2014, to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to all. Through our interventions, we have defined our vision, mission and values to help inform our programmes going forward. Deriving on the principles of healing, health, harmony and happiness, we have pivoted our approach to reflect high standards of delivery of healthcare services to all, to realize our dream of a #HealthyBharatHappyBharat

Our Vision

A world where no one dies waiting for healthcare.

Our Mission

Provide access to quality and equitable healthcare for the deprived by building efficacies to impact 5 million lives by 2023.

Our Values


We will consistently adhere to doing what is right and be genuine and trustworthy in all actions and decisions.


We aim to make a conscious effort to promote greater awareness, connection, empathy, and effectiveness in everything we do to achieve our mission while being cognizant of the need of oneself & all our stakeholders.


We aim to build a culture of resilience and determination by maintaining a positive attitude, and strong work ethic to inspire and motivate staff, volunteers, and all other stakeholders for a shared vision of positive social impact.


We are committed to taking responsibility for our actions and ensuring continuous improvement through learning from our mistakes.


We strive to create a culture of empathy and support within ourselves, by fostering collaboration and teamwork among all stakeholders by recognizing and responding to the needs and feelings of others, and treating them with respect, dignity, and care.


We will always be honest, open, clear, accessible, understandable, and readily available to those who need it.

Our core beliefs centre around the closely inter-linked 4 Hs of healing, health, harmony and happiness, working towards a #HealthyBharatHappyBharat. Working to address critical gaps in healthcare, we work to support those who need critical healthcare urgently. We work towards safeguarding health, particularly for those who do not have access to even the most basic healthcare facilities. We believe in making the world a healthy place to live in, eventually leading to happiness, for one and all. Healing with critical healthcare, health with primary healthcare and menstrual health and harmony within the environment form the core of our programmes, leading towards a #HealthyBharatHappyBharat.

Lives impacted
Trees Planted
40 Cr
Funds disbursed

Our Programmes

Our programmes correspond to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with emphasis on providing access to quality and equitable healthcare for the deprived by building efficacies to impact 5 million lives by 2023.

Our Partners

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