₹3500000 Goal ₹17850 Raised

Only A Bone Marrow Transplant Is A Key To Help M Satish!

Merugupala Satish is a 32 years old man who has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.Patient’s family got to know about the patient’s medical condition in 2022,currently patient is admitted in hospital,currently patient is going through Chemotherapy & blood transfusion & plate lates,patient has already went through Chemotherapy(5 times),further line of treatment patient needs is Chemotherapy & Peripheral Stem cell transplantation(Sister is donor),Patient used to work as a Cash deposit worker in ATM machines & earns around 12 thousand on monthly basis,wife is a Housewife,patient has 2 childs,4 years old boy & 3 years old girl,patient father works in Hyderabad engineering college as a cleaner & earns around 10 thousand on monthly basis & mother also stays with the father,Patient has 1 elder sister & 1 small sister,34 years old & 30 years old sister & both are married,elder sister is donor.

₹3500000Goal ₹17850 Raised

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